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Website Security

Website Security is essential in today's internet landscape. It's critical to be protected, whether you host a large database full of customer information or just have a small info site advertising your business.
Hackers are just as likely to target SMBs as they are to attack large corporations due to the typically lower level of security. The biggest mistake most small businesses make is assuming they are too small to be worth hacking. In order to keep your site safe you have to have a solid strategy of proactive defense combined with a reactive plan to mitigate damages in the event of an attack.

Essential Website Security

Scan, monitor, and remove malware.

  • Protect one site
  • 12-hour response time
  • Ongoing protection
  • Unlimited malware removal
  • Blacklist monitoring & removal*

$6.99 / per month

Deluxe Website Security

Essential protection + firewall and CDN.

  • Protect one site
  • 12-hour response time
  • Ongoing protection
  • Unlimited malware removal
  • Blacklist monitoring & removal*
  • WAF malware prevention**
  • CDN performance accelerator***
$19.99 / per month

Website Security Express

FIX MY SITE NOW! Expedited malware removal + premium ongoing protection.

  • Protect one site
  • 30-minute response time
  • Premium ongoing protection
  • Unlimited malware removal
  • Blacklist monitoring & removal*
  • WAF malware prevention**
  • CDN performance accelerator***
$299.99 / per year

*Google will blacklist sites that could be considered dangerous to visitors, which makes it nearly impossible for people to find you. We identify and resolve any blacklisting issues, so there’s no interruption to your business.
**As opposed to simply scanning for malware that may have already infected your site, our Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides around-the-clock, proactive protection to block malware from ever reaching your website.
***Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) stores your content on multiple servers around the world, which means visitors connect to servers that are physically closer to them. This speeds up your website’s performance by at least 50%.

How it works

Your site is scanned automatically, if a problem is found you are notified right away. If malware is found you simply submit a removal request and a team of security experts will begin working on your site within the response time specified in your plan.

If your site has already been infected Express Website Security will put your site at the front of the line for malware removal and provide ongoing protection and top tier response time.

Secure your Customers

A hacked website can affect more than just your reputation. Customers could be redirected to other websites where they will likely be infected with malware. Once a customer device is compromised by your site it is unlikely they will ever return. Beyond the obvious loss of trust, this could also compromise their personal information resulting in even more trouble for you when your site is found to be the source of the breach.


Once a site has been hacked search engines will begin adding it to their blacklists. This means your SEO score goes down to virtually 0, and if anyone does find your site they are warned
not to proceed using the site due to possible malicious activity. This can put your site out of commission, cause customers to lose confidence and result in serious damages to your brand integrity. Protecting yourself with a Website Security plan can help keep your site off blacklists, and help get it removed in the event your site is targeted.

Secure your Assets

Preventative Website Security is far less expensive than reactive measures. You will most likely have to hire a professional to repair your site once it's been infiltrated.
The process of repairing a hacked site can be time consuming. You could lose valueable traffic while your site is down, and loss of leads means loss of revenue.
In addition to the cost of repair and lost revenue during downtime, the damage done to your reputation could cost you even more customers.


Multi-Layer your defense strategy for maximum protection


Are your customers surfing safely?

SSL certificates do more than just protect your site traffic, now they also offer a little SEO boost to help your site be found. Keep customer's data safe and claim your reward!


Protect your hard work!

A backup plan is an essential part of any Multi-Layered defense strategy. We offer Website backup services to guarantee your work is always protected.

Need help choosing the perfect hosting plan?

Get in touch with us today, we are always available to help!

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